Your Inner Confidence

My Vision Statement

“You Need to Grow and Expand to Achieve Great Goals.”

My vision has always been to build a community of authors. Authors who successfully write and publish books that will help their readers, entertain their readers and inspire their readers. I have expanded my vision with the Challenge set forth by Vick Strizheus, founder of the Four Percent (4%) Community to entrepreneurs.
You cannot build a building without a blueprint. There are many professionals and digital entrepreneurs with blueprints for sale. You can work hard to fit your products and services within the confines of their blueprints, or you can carefully design your own.
It is true, you should align yourself with someone who has achieved what you are working to achieve. My word of caution, as you are learning from them, make sure you stay true to your vision.
Within the Your Inner Confidence community, you will be introduced to many tools which will help you grow your business. Not all of them will meet your needs, you select the one that works best for you.
Before you can decide which tool to use, you first need to know what your finished product looks like.

My Mission

My mission is to introduce you to the appropriate coaches and mentors, so you can select the correct tools. Your Inner Confidence will offer you three major paths: Digital Marketing, eCommerce, and Publishing.

Digital Marketing Pathway

As a subscriber to our community, the Digital Marketing Pathway  will teach you how to use different tools to engage and grow your presence as a Digital Marketer, marketing your products and services, as well as, having the opportunity to market other awesome products and service developed by others.

eCommerce Pathway

As a subscriber to our community, the eCommerce Pathway  will teach you how to set up a dynamic online store to sell your products and services.

Publishing Platform

Are you looking to get your book published? Whether you are preparing your manuscript for traditional publishing or independent self-publishing, One Smart Lady Productions can help reach your goals.

I have personally worked very hard this past year to learn everything that I am prepared to teach you. I am still learning. Unless you shed the scales of fear and doubt, you will not grow as an individual let a lone grow a vibrant sustaining business. Join Me Today!

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