Smart By Choice TV Interview by Host A'Drienne Dixon with Rev. Harold Sutton from One Smart Lady Productions on Vimeo.

During the November 15 pilot of Smart By Choice TV, Host A’Drienne Dixon had the pleasure of interviewing Pastor Harold Sutton about his new book – Do The Hard Thing “Train Up a Child”. For more information go to




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Spring Forward Be Productive

We set our clocks forward. We lost an hours’ sleep. Hey…it adds one more hour to be productive. It is also Women’s History Month. One Smart Lady Productions is in the history making business.

Great things are happening in the One Smart Lady Productions community.

In January, I was on the Go To Guru Show hosted by David Pollock and Lisa Davis. I received my link to the interview and I would like to share it with you. If you have not met me personally, this will give you an opportunity to make that first step. The Go To Guru Show

I am very pleased to announce two of my protegé’s have completed their manuscript work on their projects and have launched their own publishing companies. Diane Renee has launched her book,  Sacred Diaries – Vol. 1 Reflections, under Thoughts Down and Words Up Publishing. Visit her Facebook page. My second protegé, Andrea Gadson is putting the finishing touches on her book, Letters to My Molester. Andrea’s company is Surrendered Pen. She is busy putting the finishing touches on her website, so follow her on her Facebook page  to follow the progress and receive the announcement her book is complete. My third protegé, Rev. Harold Sutton has completed his book, Do The Hard Thing, Train Up a Child and will be setting up his own publishing efforts. His Facebook page is:

In November 2014, I launched a new venture called, Smart By Choice TV. We filmed before a live studio audience and all three of my protegé were interviewed by our host A’Drienne Dixon, formerly of SistasTalk Show in Camden, New Jersey.

We are still editing the full show and I will post it as soon it is complete. God has given me a dream to offer a venue for unknown, first-time writers to have a publishing platform which will elevate them out of their local market and onto the international stage. The individuals who I have worked with over the past 15 years deserve to be noticed and have their projects supported. I am asking you to add them to your list of people to not only follow, but also to get to know and help them grow.





Book Production and Protege Services
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