Joy Comes Through the Mourning (Newark: Gladstone Publishing Services, 2011)

Deborah Wilson Smart Joy Comes Through Series

Joy Came Through 4 Years of Grieving and Mourning.

I was married to Donald Edward Karper, from September 23, 1984 to December 16, 2003. “Joy Comes Through the Mourning” was written over a period of 1 1/2 years after Donald’s death. The letters, poetry and spiritual games that I played helped me through the healing process. I originally completed the book in 2004, but it didn’t seem like it was ready for publication so I put it aside. I continued to grow in my relationship with Christ, in 2004 I started my training to be a Certified Biblical Counselor. I was totally immersed in my study of the Word and discovering things that the Lord wanted for my life. Little did I know that in 2005 my life would take an even greater change with the entry of Willie Smart into my life. In August, 2008 I married Willie Smart. In July 2011 I published “Joy” for the very first time. I offer it to you as a tool to help you or someone you know go through the dark cycle of grief and mourning. I pray that God will use this book to help you rediscover your joy.

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