Habit #6: Accentuate the Positive

Habits of the Mind - Dr. Archibald D. Harl

Habit #6
Accentuate the Positive

“There is very little difference in people,
But that little difference makes a big difference.
The little difference is attitude.
The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”

Clement Stone

No matter where you go there are memes and quotes reminding us the importance of being positive.

Positive Attitude Sightings

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What is your Positive Outlook Factor?

3 if your answer is always,
2 if it is sometimes
1 if it is occasionally
0 if never.

  1. Do you thank a person who finds fault or criticizes you for whatever was truthful?
  2. When a stranger stares at you do you think it is because he/she likes you?
  3. When there is a sudden change of plans or an obstacle to your goal, do you see a hidden advantage in the change or obstacle?
  4. Are you able to compliment others for their success?
  5. Do you remember your past successes more than your failures?
  6. Do you easily recover from setbacks?
  7. By and large, does life seem good to you?

Score Results:

16-21 Excellent. You are thoroughly positive in your outlook. I only hope you’ve been completely honest!

11-15: Good. You are sometimes a positive person and have a foundation on which to build.

8-10: Fair. Your outlook could certainly do with an overhaul.

Below 8: You are in trouble. You clearly need to work on your negative tendencies.

Source: Dr. Archibald Hart copyright 1996 – The Habits of the Mind


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