Stay Alert for Your Miracle

Advice from One Smart Lady

Sunday at the Arts and Artists Extravaganza, I purposely set out to meet the vendors and introduce them to myself and my new networking website, As I introduced myself to Lucretia Coleman, I was not prepared for what happened next.

Lucretia and I talked, agreed on many things, and I believe we were both very happy that I made the connection. I asked her where she was from, and she gave me a location that was not far from my family’s hometown, Penllyn, Pennsylvania. She then asked my name again, because she was as surprised as I was at the coincidence. I proudly told her I was related to the Penllyn Wilsons. She then told me we were probably related and she began to name names. The first name she said was my cousin Wayne Wilson. Sure enough some how I found another cousin (even if it is only by marriage).

That was a tiny miracle. Continuing the conversation about her business, she then mentioned she worked for Merck. Bam! “My father worked at Merck,” I blurted out. “Who’s your father?” she asked. “Bill Wilson” was my response. Her eyes got even bigger than they were and a smile broke out on her face of pure joy.

“I worked with your father.” Bip. Bam. Boom.

Unbeknownst to me when I got out of bed that morning, God had a door waiting for me to open and expand my world. The world that included a father who has slipped away over 20 years ago. Lucretia ate lunch with my father. She and her friends hung out during breaks with him. She brought back memories of his smile and his laugh. She even shared with me how sometimes he had this habit of talking through clinched teeth.

I also expressed my regret that I missed the opportunity to talk with his former golfing buddies. They had participated in the Negro Golf Tournaments during the late 50s and 60s. That was history that I experienced first hand as he returned from each trip with a golden trophy in his hand. I am proud to know that I come from someone who was so well liked and admired by many. My dad was not home much after I turned 12. He worked full-time and then left work and operated his own business until he retired and relocated to Connecticut.

I never had an opportunity that my younger brother and sister, Paul and Jan had knowing my father. He was hard- working and followed his passion. Unfortunately his passion took him away from his family. I write this to say, no matter, what business you are working hard to build, make time for your family, especially your spouse and your children. You had no choice in the family you were birthed to, but you had everything to do with the selection and creation of the ones who live in your household.

Many will give testimony to how short time is, make the best of it. Stay alert for the miracles that will come. As they did for me, they will for you.

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