The Silent Generation, Baby Boomers and Generation X

Short Stories from
“The Silent Generation (Veterans), Baby Boomers and Generation X”

Which Group Do You Fit In?

Which Generation Do You Belong To?

The Silent Generation (Veterans)………………(1925 – 1945) *
Baby Boomers………………………(1946 – 1964)
Generation X ………………………(1965 – 1980)

*There are different start dates from different sources
for the Baby Boomers, most recognize 1946. This chart above
shows Veterans being born up to 1946 and the Boomers 
beginning at 1945. I am going with the 1946 start date.

Would you like to leave a legacy by telling your story? Would you like to be a chapter in a book of Legacies created for the Millennial Generation and the generations who follow?

Which Generation do you fall into?

  • Set the records straight
  • Leave a legacy for the generations to follow
  • Write the real history of your cultural experience in America
  • Remember Victors Write the History Books

Publication Date: September, 2018

Submit your manuscript synopsis and type:
Project 2018 Short Story Manuscript

  • Year of your Birth
  • Experience(s) or Lesson(s) Learned
  • Accomplishments
  • Regrets

Deborah Smart



Accentuate the Positive: Affirmation One

God loves me more than I can ever imagine,
and I can never travel beyond the reach of this great love. (Romans 8:39)


Source: “Habits of the Mind” – Dr. Archibald D. Hart

Thinking About Retiring…

Sittingontheedge-1Since it’s taken over a month, almost two months to finish this move, I have done little in the area of publishing. I have been writing, I must admit, and working with the last of my protege clients. But, I had really expected to see more book sales. This is the awful truth about becoming an author and being in the publishing business. I teach my clients to build a following and to talk about their characters and introduce them to their book by way of social media. Unfortunately, the majority of followers like pictures and rarely read books.

I’ve had breakfast with one recent client who was upset with my lack of marketing for the new book. Unfortunately, my personal drama took my time away from my business. My income has dwindled. So I began searching for another stream of the Multiple Stream of Income Paradigm. I found surveys to be the answer.

Well not all surveys. There was one where I could qualify for a $250 gift card with Walmart. I love Walmart. So I said out Saturday morning filling out survey after survey as I collected points to reach the $250 gift card qualification. I answered I don’t know how many surveys and only gathered 40 points when the survey froze on one webpage. I could not go forward…I tried but to no avail. I lost out on the $250 but now have a dozen survey companies emailing me. Of course, I am un-subscribing as is my right but what a pain.

The internet is full of fraudulent opportunities. Be very careful with whom you join. My experience with two or more did not work out. I reported them…oh well.