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This is a screen shot of an Instagram post by rise_with_supra. The message inspired me and moved me to ask if I could repost this in my blog.

Just like myself, the author of this post is a network marketer and has learned how to post valuable content to inspire and educate followers in the importance of personal development. Having a homebased business is challenging and if you prepare yourself, you can enjoy many years of building relationships.

Below is the post that inspired me.

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rise_with_supra Picture this!! Most of us will come to a conclusion with a statement like work smarter not harder. That may be true and obvious but an in depth review will lead you to learn a concept on how you can influence the buffalo-calf in following you effortlessly.

It’s what I call bait the hook to suit the fish and in summary …. he who understand and can do this has the world with him. He who cannot walks a lonely way in his path.

In the first picture A, both the father and son will simply applying force on the calf but the animal stood firm, stiffened his legs and stubbornly refused to budge and leave the ground.

In the second picture B, the young boy realized that this was not working towards it’s best interest and realized what the buffalo really wanted. The boy simply placed a bunch of leaves along a stick and dangled it in front of the calf and the calf did not retaliate but simply followed the bait.

How then can we apply this technique to influence people in the right manner. The truth of the matter is you need to simply arouse in the other person an eagerness that they want and always work to their best intention with an interest in mind and not what you want. This the key to win their heart and an eager want leads to no amount of discussion or threat could have possibly accomplished. –
Not only that, it’s also one of the secret of success and in the own words of Henry Ford …”It lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own. That’s how powerful is this concept.

Another benefit of this technique is that you can apply to business dealing. When we stumbled upon a brilliant idea, instead of making other think it’s ours, why not let them own it and stir the idea themselves. This will add as an encouragement.

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Follow 👉 @rise_with_supra for daily motivation

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This morning my power word is UNITY. It was very easy to bridge the gap between myself and rise_with_supra, even though I do not know his given name. My purpose is to show how easy it is to reach out and show your appreciation for someone else’s post or work. I believe it is important to share great information, so we can all grow together. The majority of people entering into the homebased business arena have no idea the personal fortitude it takes to start and maintain a business. As an entrepreneur, you are a business. There are certain skill sets that you need to incorporate in your everyday habits.

I hope you enjoyed and received the true meaning within this message. If you would like to read more about transforming your habits, please read previously posted articles from “Habits of the Mind – Ten Exercises to Renewing Your Thinking” by Dr. Archibald Hart.

Habits of the Mind - Dr. Archibald Hart

Personal Autograph

Autographed by Dr. Hart

Here is another example of when I reached out to an author and connected with him. This book was required reading for my 2nd Biblical Counseling Semester. It was out of print at the time and I wrote to Dr. Hart to see if he had copies available for sale. He did and I was able to purchase a copy. Not only did I not let “Out of Print” stop me from my assignment, but I received and signed autograph copy from Dr. Hart.

Below are links to the blog articles which corresponded to my video challenge in 2106. I only went as far as Habit #6. It’s time to complete the last 4 habits. 2018 will be my winning season, my season of completion.

Habit #1: Seeing the Good in Others

Habit #2: Give Yourself Permission to Fail

Habit #3 Keep Your Conscience Clear

Habit #4 Don’t Punish Yourself

Habit #5 Value Life’s Little Blessings 

Habit #6 Accentuate the Positive


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Rules for Building Strong Habits

Advice from One Smart Lady

As I continue to grow professionally and personally, I marvel at the fact I have all I need to know right at my fingertips. Over the years, I have attended many seminars, workshops both online and in classrooms. I even called myself, “The Seminar Junkie”. Recently, I have been concentrating on my mind and how it works. I have been blessed with many skills, talents, and gifts. I say ‘blessed’, but it is also a curse. Because of my varied interests, I tend to be all over the place.

I have been given the heart of service and teaching and I tend to answer, “Yes” when asked, “Can you help me with…” You fill in the blank.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was unpacking my books, I came across “Habits of the Mind” by Dr. Archibald D. Hart. He may or may not be a familiar name. I was introduced to Dr. Hart through my Biblical Counseling training. His book was recommended by my Counseling Teacher and at that time it was out of print and unavailable. I was not daunted, as a publisher, I knew that authors always had their own stash so I wrote tracked him down and asked if he had a copy available for sale. He was pleasantly surprised that I went to such great lengths to get a copy of his book. I sent him a check and he sent me an autographed copy, “To Deborah, With God’s Blessings. Archibald D. Hart”. I will treasure this book forever.

One of the skills we are taught is how to take our counseled clients through the process of swapping out bad habits and replacing them with good habits. The process was called “put off – put on”.

It would go like this:

Put Off – Lying                                     Put On – Truth
Put Off – Negative Talk                      Put On – Positive Self-Talk
Put Off – Procrastination                   Put On – Taking Action

In the “Habits of the Mind”, Dr. Hart takes the reader through ten exercises to renewing your thinking. Along with these exercises are six (6) rules.

Rule for Building Strong Habits

  1. Have A Plan
  2. Define the Habit You Desire
  3. Challenge Whatever Sabotages Your New Habit
  4. Set Up A System of Reminders
  5. Reinforce Your New Habit
  6. Challenge Your Plan if isn’t Working.

Have A Plan

Be intentional about what you plan to do. No good habits can be formed without a plan. Imagine a building contractor who is hired to build a skyscraper. He or she would not take blueprints which lacked a strong foundation.

I want to be Financially Wealthy and Debt-Free.

Define the Habit You Desire

Be specific in defining your desired outcome. If it is setting a dollar amount that you want to earn each month, write it down and also list every skill, product or idea you have to bring in a specific dollar amount. It is learning a skill. Write down the source of training, the length of time it will take for you to achieve this training and a target deadline.

I want to earn a Six-Figure Income a month. Write down the steps to achieve this. Place it at the top of the tier and work your way up from the bottom. Build a strong foundation. What will it take?

  1. Six-Figure Income a month
  2. $75,000 Income a month
  3. $50,000 Income a month
  4. $25,000 Income a month
  5. $15,000 Income a month
  6. $10,000 Income a month
  7. $5,000 Income a month
  8. $1,000 Income a month

Challenge Whatever Sabotages Your New Habit

Be a good steward of your income. Challenge yourself to Tithe 10% (or more), Save (10%), (60%) Pay Your Bills/Discretionary Spending  and reinvest 20% in your business. Note: Paying your bills will decrease as your bills are paid off. The challenge is to still hold down discretionary spending.

Set up a System of Reminders

Set up a daily routine of monitoring your activities:

  • Morning Devotion to align yourself with right thinking
  • Reflection of the previous day’s activities
  • Setting out the plans for the day
  • Act on your plans

Reinforce Your New Habit

Set up an accountability partner and receive confirmation you are on target. Reinforce yourself knowing that God is pleased with your progress. Remember it is a journey and a process we all are going through.

Change Your Plan if it isn’t Working

Examine the areas of your plans that are not working and don’t hesitate to change or get rid of them.

Next: How the Ten Habits Fit Together
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Step Into Your Dream

Advice From One Smart Lady

Dreams can come true. What is it that you want to achieve?

  • Visualize it.
  • Dream About it.
  • Write about it.
  • Seek out people who are successfully doing what you want to do.
  • Build up a community of individuals who complement your talents and skills.
  • Develop programs that will help others grow their dreams.

Just Do It!

Take Massive Action!

Get It Done!



Establish A Sacred Place

Advice from One Smart Lady

This morning’s trip to the Delaware Memorial Bridge’s Veterans Memorial Park was quite an experience. Looking at all of the individuals who lost their lives for our country humbled me. I realized how I do take my freedom for granted. I could turn off the television or refuse to read what is going on in the world, and just live within my own bubble.

I choose not to do that. I choose to keep my routine of seeking God in the early mornings for guidance as to how I should live out the day. Below is an article I wrote for Stay Focused Magazine in the Spring of 2015. I think it is appropriate for me to reprint it today because I want to encourage you to find your sacred place to write and meditate on your life’s purpose.

Reprint: StayFocused Magazine Issue – Spring 2015

My Sacred Place
Deborah Smart

Joshua 1:3 “Every place on which the sole of your feet tread I have given it to you.”

No matter where you set up shop, in a brick and mortar or on the internet, be prepared to minister to your clients and customers. The more you pray and meditate on your plans and goals, the more successful you are in reaching them. Where do you sit and plan your business action steps for the day, the week, the month and year? Have you created a sacred space for your prayer and meditation? Has God given you a vision and your heart is set on fire to achieve this vision? What tools are you using to keep the fire burning inside?

Each morning I begin my day writing out Matthew 6:33 “First seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things shall be given unto you.” I then write the things I want to focus on or achieve. Actively writing these words sets the tone for my day. I notice when I fail to do it, my day is a lot more hectic. Acknowledging God keeps me focused on his ways and not mine. If I work in my office or meet a client at their location, I am always aware the Holy Spirit accompanies me and, therefore, I conduct myself accordingly. This is true, especially when the meeting is not an easy one to lead or sit through. Tension sometimes rears its ugly head, especially when the project is going to bless many. Satan’s minions are busy setting up roadblocks. So I go back to the question, “where do you meet God?” Create a sacred place to meet Him, in your home office, office or your car and put on the whole armor of God. Ephesians 6:11 “Put on the whole armour of God that you may be able to stand the wiles of the Devil.”

Get An Accountable Partner

Advice From One Smart Lady



Definition of accountability. : the quality or state of being accountable; especially: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.

You should not work alone in a vacuum. It is draining and a waste of time and energy. You need someone who understands and shares your vision. It is important that this someone does not steer you off course with their opinions and insights they may have about your vision. Constructive criticism is important to keep you on track, just beware of criticism that destroys your passion and momentum. An accountability partner’s purpose is to ensure you do what you say you are going to do each and every day or as often as you schedule the time to meet.

Accountability partner(s) can be other entrepreneurs who complement your products and services. You work together to achieve the same vision; setting down different business tracks to follow. In 1992, I joined forces with two gentlemen, Ted Morse of HR Management Group (Blue Bell, PA) and Stan Poduch a Human Resources Professional (Scranton, PA), when I was living and working out of my apartment in Voorhees, NJ. The three of us were independent product consultants for Abra Software, and we met in Florida at an annual conference. Ted was a consummate salesman and Stan’s passion was teaching. I brought my technical skills to the table. I installed the human resource and payroll software and wrote computer code to connect their legacy (older) systems to the new personal computer-based software system. We were very successful. We worked as a team, growing each area of interest. I was paid as an independent contractor allowing me the freedom to do business elsewhere. Eventually, we went our separate ways, and I concentrated putting more time in building my publishing business.

I am blessed to have an accountability partner for both business, and personal life. Working from home takes two different support systems. If you are wise, you would do the same, make sure someone who wants only the best for you and your passionate pursuits is there to make sure you get the rest that you need. You eat and exercise. Balancing your time between the hours you work, and the personal time you take for yourself is a topic for another day.

Remember: “Accountability Breeds Response-ability” Steven Covey.

For your convenience, here is the link that goes with the picture.





Beware of Shiny Objects!

Advice From One Smart Lady

Distractions are the worst pitfalls of a homebased business. Like my buddy the squirrel the least little noise,  hearing a ding on the computer letting me know I have a Twitter, Facebook or email notification, has me off and running. It’s hard for me to stay off of social media because it is a primary source of research information for my writing projects. Reading, ‘Riting and Research are the three “Rs” that keep me creative and passionate about what I do. Plus I love the inspirational quotes and pictures. I love seeing my young nieces grow before my very eyes.  I’m in Delaware, and they are in Connecticut. And now the live video feed and Periscope notifies me it’s movie time.

I’m grateful I do not have children running around and interrupting my day. I know a lot of stay at home moms, and dads have to juggle interruptions from a bored or crying child. Then again, I guess you could say my two cats and pit bull would count as my kids. C360_2015-12-02-08-46-24-132They are constantly in and out of the office, vying for my attention. When the cats want my attention, they climb across my workspace and sprawl out. Bridgette would actually lie down across my hands as I typed on my keyboard. To solve that problem, I got a desk where my keyboard is on a separate shelf that slides in and out. I rearranged my desk to suit their needs because trying to keep them off the desk was more trouble than it was worth.

You have to be resourceful when keeping “shiny objects” and “dinging sounds” away. On days where I seem to be easily distracted, and I have deadlines, I wear my headset and listen to instrumental music.

Recognize what is causing you to go off track and come up with a working solution. No matter how crazy it may seem to others, if it works for you, go for it.

Here is an article I found today on “Shiny Object Syndrome.” It gives another perspective on distractions and challenges small business owners face.

Eeek! Shiny Object Syndrome!

By Karyn Greenstreet (Written in 2007)

It seems to be a trend that’s growing: small business owners are getting distracted by too many ideas or the latest fad, going off in a million directions and never completing anything. This loss of focus is costing you hundreds of hours a year in lost productivity, lost hours, lost dollars. (read more)

I wish you the best in getting organized and on track with your day-to-day business routine. After 30 years of self-employment, I still enjoy working from home. I’ve found my niche and passion and as long as the Lord allows, I will be writing, reading and surfing the net.






Gamify Your Life

Advice from One Smart Lady

Deborah with Chris Record

Deborah with Chris Record

Chris Record presented knowledge he learned from disciplining himself to read each and every day. He does not profess to be a genius, but he is. He has a ninth grade education, and today is about to launch the first standardized and certified online college. He presented a new way to build a productive daily life, Gamify. He suggests that we not focus on the struggles we go through each day attempting to build our businesses as entrepreneurs. He suggested we identify each phase of our business and life plans and break them down into smaller sections.

I set up five segments and within each segment, I set up seven levels to achieve and earn points. My next step is to set up rewards I receive as I reach each level.

Segment 1: Spirituality – I maintain daily devotion time to spend with the Lord where the Holy Spirit shares with me the things I need to get me through the day. I use this time to reflect on my successes and failures.

Segment 2: Mindset – I have a positive mindset, and I approach challenges and changes based on how I respond in a positive and contemplative way.

Segment 3: Health – I continue not to rely on prescription drugs to maintain good health.

Segment 4: Relationship – I maintain a God-centered relationship in my marriage, family, friends, business partners, and clients/customers.

Segment 5: Entrepreneurship – I maintain a consistent income to remain debt free and sustain a discretionary income to serve.

Let me show you how it works.

Under Segment 5 – Entrepreneurship, it is my desire to earn $1 million on a regular basis. Based on the tools and skills that I have been given I can do it. It is just a matter of when I will earn the first million.

Level 1: Established a presence on the Internet-10 points

Level 2: Engage with visitors to my different pages and websites-10 points

  • Respond and Track (Likes/Hearts/Emojis; New Followers; Hashtags)

Level 3: Partner with other entrepreneurs whose product and services compliment mine-10 points

Level 4: Begin earning income from my Online Store15 points

Level 5: Begin teaching and signing up first-time entrepreneurs who wish to duplicate what I am doing.-15 points

Level 6: Consistently marketing and selling products (i.e. Online Educational Courses {link available 8/24/2016})-15 points

Level 7: Receive consisted payment from the Vendors.-25 points

Here is a blog article I found written by Benjamin Braddle on August 1, 2016. His article will take you into more detail. As I roll out more business strategies, I will share them with you.

To set up your Gamify levels ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who do you want to be?
  2. What do you want to have?
  3. What does it look like?

You can run your game for 30-day cycles and change the rules as you grow. You should be consistently striving to grow and see never-ending improvement. Don’t get overwhelmed by all of the links. I’ve been building my internet presence over the last 20 years or so. Just take baby steps and soon you will be running with the big folk.

Note: the featured picture was borrowed from the Get More Done Gamify Your Life  blog.

I will be Live On “Follow My Beat”

One Smart Lady Says

Just a short announcement. I will be interviewed on the “Follow My Beat” radiovision show hosted by Dan “Dan Dan” Shiver.  I will post more information about the show when I receive it.


I am also launching a new blog: Smart Lifestyle News As I discover tools, I will post articles in this new blog; especially social media tools writers, coaching and other entrepreneurs can use to market on the internet.

This is Day 15 of my 90 Day Challenge of Changing the Habits of My Thinking.

Be Blessed and Stay Focused.

90-Day Challenge – Day 4 Reflections

One Smart Lady Says...I Can Do It

Over the past year, I have experienced many highs and lows. Without going into details, I will only say that I am on the road to recovery.  This month, I launched another 90-day challenge, in which I challenge myself to do what I advise my clients to do. I am rebuilding and restructuring my business platform.

I am committed to using my 30 years of entrepreneur experience and 15 years of publishing experience to empower first-time and aspiring authors. I am in the process of building tools to help you get started or jump start your writing projects. Marketing is the number one challenge. I am happy to say; I discovered the marketing tool for me.

Here is the first of my video presentations, I hope you subscribe to this blog as well as to the video series.

Until next time, keep your mind clear and focused on your vision.

90-Day Challenge Video

Is My Story Worth Telling?

Advice from One Smart Lady, "Just Write"

MM910001095When you begin your project, it is too soon to judge if your story is worth telling. Just Write. As you review and edit, you will be able to restructure your story whether it is Fiction or Non-Fiction. Writing a book takes  time. I am going to refer to your book as a manuscript. Your manuscript can be messy and full of flaws until you submit it to the editing phase. Your book, on the other hand, has to be clear, with words that move the reader from page to page with anticipation of its end.

I have come across stories I began writing in the past but never completed. As I read them over, I can still see a good book in them.

In the 90s, it was my intention to be a romance novelist. So I listened to co-workers talk about their relationships and experiences, as well as, document my own. I decided to blend our personalities and life experiences to create my characters.  The following is from a manuscript from 1995.

“The first time she saw him, he appeared to be larger than he actually was. His eyes were almost green, complementing the dark green sweater he wore. Since then she had seen him in other colors, and she noticed his eyes changed. “I think they call them hazel, ” She thought.

They met one night when she stayed in town with friends. She dreaded the long train ride home to an empty house. She longed for company and someone to laugh with and talk to. Unbeknownst to her, his silver tongue, and good humor would be the beginning and end of her happiness.”

Many times she’ll wonder if the decision to leave her husband for another man while having an affair with a third was the act of a sane person.

“May I have a moment of your time?” Those eight words started it all. That moment stretched into an eternity.


So, this proposed story was about a woman’s journey living with bad decisions and the consequences her decisions caused.  Is it worth telling? Yes. Even though our heroine has a dark side to her life, there is hope for her and the story could be written to illustrate how she changed her habits of infidelity around.

I also hear, “Who wants to hear about my life. It is and was boring.” When someone responses with these statements, I begin asking them questions like these:

  • Are you living the life you dreamed you would like to live? If not, what happened?
  • What was your life like in high school?
  • What kind of friends did you have? Did any of their personality stand out in your mind?
  • What was your hometown like?
  • What are some of your accomplishments? Failures?

Depending on the individual, if they are actually interested in writing, they find something to start with and build the story around it.

If you are blessed with the desire to write. Just write. Do not worry about its value or worth. Just write. You will be surprised what you have stored in your subconscious mind just waiting to come out. When you have completed your story, an accountability partner and editor will help you structure and frame your manuscript. For now:

Just Write.

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