Step Outside Yourself and Grow

Great Dreams Collection - Mug 109

A great dream will cause you to step outside yourself. Dream Big is the message of the first mug in the “Great Dreams Collection” series.

Why “Great Dreams Collection” mugs?

They are great ice breakers in networking and mastermind sessions. Each of the mugs have a unique message that can inspire conversation around dreams and visions. The message is an affirmation or command to stir the creative process. There will be eight (8) mugs in total, and they will be released separately between now and the end of February.

Great Dreams Collection

Home-based Entrepreneur has choices.

Message Behind this Quote

The message behind this quote really has to do with realizing you should not limit yourself to what you know about your product or service; or event, project or passion you are intending to turn into a product or service. If you feel limited in your knowledge, ask yourself. “Who do I know has the talents and skills to help me launch or expand my business?”

 If you are building a homebased business, remember you still have the same day-to-day responsibilities. How will you handle them? You need to sit down and create a schedule.

As a Home-based Entrepreneur, you perfect juggling. One of the greatest advantages I had, I did not have children. I regret missing out being a mom, nevertheless my husbands and clients were enough to tap into my maternal instincts.

I’ve written articles on doing challenges to retrain how you think about things or how you schedule your day.

Habits of Your Mind by Dr. Archibald D. Hart is one of my favorite books to help thought leaders learn how to change their thinking habits.

Habit 1 – Seeing the Good in Others
Habit 2 – Give Yourself Permission
Habit 3 – Keep Your Conscience Clear
Habit 4 – Don’t Punish Yourself
Habit 5 – Value Life’s Little Blessings
Habit 6 – Accentuate the Positive

Now, there are four more habits that I haven’t gotten to, but I will let you know when I’ve done my homework and completed the blog article. Stay Tuned.


Great Dreams Bring on Revival

Finding Your Inner Confidence


Mug #1

A Great Dream will cause you to step outside yourself. Dream Big!

Sometimes during our trials and challenges, we need to develop tools to get us through; especially, solopreneurs. Mine has been prayer and conversations with the Holy Spirit. Well the “Great Dreams Collection” mugs is a tool I created to help you start that conversation as you have coffee, tea or hot cocoa with your accountability partners and master mind team members. There will be eight (8) mugs in all. Each mug will have a quote to help you break the ice and inspire you to Dream Big.

The quotes come from notes I took at a Spring Revival. In order to manifest your dream, you need to take action. Some folk who are solopreneurs are inexperienced at setting down action steps that help them bring the dreams to reality.

In August 2016, I wrote a post entitled “Step Into Your Dream”. It a great primer to start the discussion. Order Mug #1 today, and you will receive notice when each new “Great Dreams Collection” mug is released.

Mug #115 – Every Great Dream Has An Assignment

Great Dreams Collection Mug