Tuesday: Book Promos that Work

Want to sell more books … a lot more books?

Want to sell more books … a lot more books?

Want to reach a lot more people without spending a fortune on marketing?

If so, join Steve Harrison this coming Tuesday (January 23rd) for a free teleseminar on “How to Take the Express Lane to Selling More Books – A Lot More Books – Even If You Hate Marketing and You’re Not Good With Technology.”

No matter where you are in your publishing journey …. whether your book is still in the idea stage …. you’re writing it now but are far from finished …. or your book is already published, find out how to get in the express lane NOW!

Steve has helped over 12,000 authors promote their books and on this free teleseminar, you’ll discover proven strategies including:

The “Mass Movement” Express Lane  – One of the keys to changing the world with your message is to get other people doing what you teach and telling others about you.  But most authors and speakers don’t know there are actual principles which – if you follow them – dramatically increase the odds of your message going viral.

 The Amazon Express Lane – there are a number of ways to sell more books, more quickly on Amazon.  You’ll discover the simplest way and hear about an author who sold 900 books in 24 hours and hit #2 in a very competitive category.  Best of all, this strategy took him only 15 minutes to implement.

The Facebook Express Lane  – a simple way to sell a lot more books on Facebook day after day.  Once you set this up…..it keeps on working for you like a 24-hour sales person.  One author sells a steady stream of books every day this way.

The National Publicity Express Lane – If you have ever thought it would take years and years for you to get on national TV or be interviewed by media across the country, you are engaging in “slow lane thinking.”  You’ll discover three simple ways to accelerate the speed at which you grab media attention – proven techniques that have worked to make previously unknown authors famous.

The Social Media Express Lane  – Everybody knows that social media can help you sell a lot more books SOMEHOW, but most people waste countless hours “doing social media” and they have very little to show for it.   One of the things they miss is how to integrate their writing with their social media.  You’ll learn how bestselling authors use their content multiple ways on social media to become New York Times bestsellers.

How do you really change the world with your message?  On the “Bestseller Mindset” Express Lane – Unlike thirty years ago, more and more authors need to MAKE their books bestsellers.  A great book is just the beginning.  Authors need to do a lot more to promote their books on a regular basis.  That requires a different attitude and mindset.

To discover all the above and more, join Steve for Tuesday’s free teleseminar:

I hope you can make the call because I know you’ll learn a lot!  I’m proud to be a compensated affiliate for Steve’s company’s offerings.

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The “Bionic” approach to writing a book

Write a Better Book, Faster Than You Imagined

Remember the old 1970’s TV series, the Six Million Dollar Man?

Lee Majors played an astronaut who nearly died when his test aircraftcrashed, only to have a secret government agency rebuild him as the “bionic man” with artificial limbs capable of running 60 miles an hour, lifting one-ton loads and seeing long distances with his new telescopic vision.

Just imagine if you could become a “bionic author” and write a better book, in a fraction of the time it takes most ordinary authors?

And imagine if you could also get a much bigger advance from your publisher while also creating a book that makes a deeper impact on readers?

To discover how, join Steve Harrison on Friday, January 19th for a free teleseminar on “Bionic Book Writing,” on which he’ll be joined by a veteran New York publishing house editor who’s been behind 17 bestselling non-fiction titles.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover on Friday’s free teleseminar:

Getting to the Starting Line With the Right Shoes – most authors don’t really know how to get started.  Worse, they waste a lot of time by starting off in the wrong direction.  So when the gun goes off, they’re still stuck.  Or they begin the race, but ultimately drop out.  We’ll show you how to get started the right way so you’re sure to finish in record time.

The 5X Writing Process – how to write a good book, five times faster.

Your Publishing Personality – how you prepare and write your book will depend upon your own personality.  We’ll show you how to figure out which publishing personality you have and how to use it to write your book faster.

4 Ways to Make Your Book More Mediagenic — There are specific things you can and should be doing to make your book more appealing to radio, TV, print media, bloggers and social media channels. But most authors have no clue that these techniques even exist.

Avoiding the Agony – Ever reach moments when you feel stuck or confused while writing your book?   Ever think “OMG!  How am I ever going to write an entire book!” We’ll show you what to do when you feel that way so that you can keep writing without the pain.

Boosting Your Book to Bestseller Status – Most authors don’t even think about how they’re going to market their book until AFTER it’s written.  But smart authors intentionally include certain “boosters” in their book that help them achieve bestseller status.  We’ll show you how just one specific page in your book can boost your book’s bestseller potential.

Coming Up With Titles.  Two proven techniques for creating a great title.

The Promise – a little known “promise” to include in your book’s introduction that can help you sell a lot more copies.

How to land a deal with a major publisher.  Debby, the publishing insider who will join Steve for this call worked at two major publishing houses in New York .  She’s been on the other side of the table as an editor being pitched all kinds of book proposals.  She’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t and how you can become an author published by a major house.

Want to get celebrity endorsements?  You’ll discover a proven technique for contacting famous people and securing an endorsement for your book.


Go here now to register for Friday’s teleseminar on “bionic book writing.

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Step Outside Yourself and Grow

Great Dreams Collection - Mug 109

A great dream will cause you to step outside yourself. Dream Big is the message of the first mug in the “Great Dreams Collection” series.

Why “Great Dreams Collection” mugs?

They are great ice breakers in networking and mastermind sessions. Each of the mugs have a unique message that can inspire conversation around dreams and visions. The message is an affirmation or command to stir the creative process. There will be eight (8) mugs in total, and they will be released separately between now and the end of February.

Great Dreams Collection

Home-based Entrepreneur has choices.

Message Behind this Quote

The message behind this quote really has to do with realizing you should not limit yourself to what you know about your product or service; or event, project or passion you are intending to turn into a product or service. If you feel limited in your knowledge, ask yourself. “Who do I know has the talents and skills to help me launch or expand my business?”

 If you are building a homebased business, remember you still have the same day-to-day responsibilities. How will you handle them? You need to sit down and create a schedule.

As a Home-based Entrepreneur, you perfect juggling. One of the greatest advantages I had, I did not have children. I regret missing out being a mom, nevertheless my husbands and clients were enough to tap into my maternal instincts.

I’ve written articles on doing challenges to retrain how you think about things or how you schedule your day.

Habits of Your Mind by Dr. Archibald D. Hart is one of my favorite books to help thought leaders learn how to change their thinking habits.

Habit 1 – Seeing the Good in Others
Habit 2 – Give Yourself Permission
Habit 3 – Keep Your Conscience Clear
Habit 4 – Don’t Punish Yourself
Habit 5 – Value Life’s Little Blessings
Habit 6 – Accentuate the Positive

Now, there are four more habits that I haven’t gotten to, but I will let you know when I’ve done my homework and completed the blog article. Stay Tuned.


Great Dreams Bring on Revival

Finding Your Inner Confidence


Mug #1

A Great Dream will cause you to step outside yourself. Dream Big!

Sometimes during our trials and challenges, we need to develop tools to get us through; especially, solopreneurs. Mine has been prayer and conversations with the Holy Spirit. Well the “Great Dreams Collection” mugs is a tool I created to help you start that conversation as you have coffee, tea or hot cocoa with your accountability partners and master mind team members. There will be eight (8) mugs in all. Each mug will have a quote to help you break the ice and inspire you to Dream Big.

The quotes come from notes I took at a Spring Revival. In order to manifest your dream, you need to take action. Some folk who are solopreneurs are inexperienced at setting down action steps that help them bring the dreams to reality.

In August 2016, I wrote a post entitled “Step Into Your Dream”. It a great primer to start the discussion. Order Mug #1 today, and you will receive notice when each new “Great Dreams Collection” mug is released.

Mug #115 – Every Great Dream Has An Assignment

Great Dreams Collection Mug

You…On TV or Radio?

TV producers share publicity tips Free teleseminar on Thursday

Thursday Teleseminar with ABC, CBS, NBC Producers

Here is another awesome teleconference that you should put on your schedule.

Would you like to be interviewed on a top national TV show and air on ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox?

Author Hyacinth I. Swaby-Holder – “My Papa Used to Say – Jamaican Proverbs”

Of course, you would because there are few faster ways to instantly reach millions of people and boost your sales than getting big-time TV publicity.

In the publishing world, it’s no secret the right national TV appearance can catapult a book to the top of the Bestseller List.

Curious to know how YOU might get on national TV?

Find out on a free 90-minute telephone seminar on Thursday, January 4, on which you’ll hear Steve Harrison interview a group of his producer friends – who currently book guests for ABC, NBC and CBS about how to get on National TV.

In addition to Steve, you’ll hear from:
* Mariann Sabol, Live with Kelly and Ryan
* Tommy Crudup, Rachael Ray
* Dan Fitzpatrick, The Wendy Williams Show
* Stacy Rollins, Telepictures Productions
* Plus others to be announced

Together they’ll teach you things unknown to 95% of all publicity-seekers.

To register for this call — which is free except for your normal long-distance charges — go here now:

In the interest of full disclosure, you should know I’m a compensated affiliate for Steve’s programs.

On the call, you’ll learn things like:
· How to increase your odds of getting on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.
· Understanding the mindset of national TV producers and what gets them to book you as a guest.
· The strategy a husband-and-wife team used to land a 7-minute segment on the Today Show.
· What you should send TV producers (and what you shouldn’t).
· The most important question you must be able to answer to land a TV appearance.
· The biggest mistakes to avoid when pitching TV producers (including ones that could get you black-balled forever!).
· Case histories of three authors and entrepreneurs and the strategies they used to get on top TV shows.

Again, to register go here now:

Once registered, you’ll receive all the details back within five minutes.

Who knows … maybe we’ll be seeing you on national TV very soon!

What Makes Things Go Viral @ Transformation Station

Cultivating Ideas through Your Inner Confidence

Listening to a TED presentation this morning really blessed me. The category was “What Makes Things Go Viral”.

What catches your interest as you scroll through your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post?

This TED presentation tackles that subject. Rather than write an essay on this video, I present it to you to experience first hand. The new term presented is “Cultural Cartography”.


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Force or Entice @ Transformation Station

Transforming Your Character through Your Inner Confidence

This is a screen shot of an Instagram post by rise_with_supra. The message inspired me and moved me to ask if I could repost this in my blog.

Just like myself, the author of this post is a network marketer and has learned how to post valuable content to inspire and educate followers in the importance of personal development. Having a homebased business is challenging and if you prepare yourself, you can enjoy many years of building relationships.

Below is the post that inspired me.

∞ Begin Post ∞

rise_with_supra Picture this!! Most of us will come to a conclusion with a statement like work smarter not harder. That may be true and obvious but an in depth review will lead you to learn a concept on how you can influence the buffalo-calf in following you effortlessly.

It’s what I call bait the hook to suit the fish and in summary …. he who understand and can do this has the world with him. He who cannot walks a lonely way in his path.

In the first picture A, both the father and son will simply applying force on the calf but the animal stood firm, stiffened his legs and stubbornly refused to budge and leave the ground.

In the second picture B, the young boy realized that this was not working towards it’s best interest and realized what the buffalo really wanted. The boy simply placed a bunch of leaves along a stick and dangled it in front of the calf and the calf did not retaliate but simply followed the bait.

How then can we apply this technique to influence people in the right manner. The truth of the matter is you need to simply arouse in the other person an eagerness that they want and always work to their best intention with an interest in mind and not what you want. This the key to win their heart and an eager want leads to no amount of discussion or threat could have possibly accomplished. –
Not only that, it’s also one of the secret of success and in the own words of Henry Ford …”It lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own. That’s how powerful is this concept.

Another benefit of this technique is that you can apply to business dealing. When we stumbled upon a brilliant idea, instead of making other think it’s ours, why not let them own it and stir the idea themselves. This will add as an encouragement.

-Double TAP if you agree & TAG 3 friends of yours who need to see this.

Follow 👉 @rise_with_supra for daily motivation
Follow 👉 @rise_with_supra for daily motivation

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∞ End Post ∞

This morning my power word is UNITY. It was very easy to bridge the gap between myself and rise_with_supra, even though I do not know his given name. My purpose is to show how easy it is to reach out and show your appreciation for someone else’s post or work. I believe it is important to share great information, so we can all grow together. The majority of people entering into the homebased business arena have no idea the personal fortitude it takes to start and maintain a business. As an entrepreneur, you are a business. There are certain skill sets that you need to incorporate in your everyday habits.

I hope you enjoyed and received the true meaning within this message. If you would like to read more about transforming your habits, please read previously posted articles from “Habits of the Mind – Ten Exercises to Renewing Your Thinking” by Dr. Archibald Hart.

Habits of the Mind - Dr. Archibald Hart

Personal Autograph

Autographed by Dr. Hart

Here is another example of when I reached out to an author and connected with him. This book was required reading for my 2nd Biblical Counseling Semester. It was out of print at the time and I wrote to Dr. Hart to see if he had copies available for sale. He did and I was able to purchase a copy. Not only did I not let “Out of Print” stop me from my assignment, but I received and signed autograph copy from Dr. Hart.

Below are links to the blog articles which corresponded to my video challenge in 2106. I only went as far as Habit #6. It’s time to complete the last 4 habits. 2018 will be my winning season, my season of completion.

Habit #1: Seeing the Good in Others

Habit #2: Give Yourself Permission to Fail

Habit #3 Keep Your Conscience Clear

Habit #4 Don’t Punish Yourself

Habit #5 Value Life’s Little Blessings 

Habit #6 Accentuate the Positive


If you liked this post, please connect with me and let me know your thoughts.

Hearing Aid Bling @ Transformation Station

Transforming Lives through Creative Inner Confidence

Meet Suzannah Parker, the creator of Purple Cat Hearing Charms. Yes, hearing charms. When I read Suzannah’s post in The Entrepreneur Syndicates’ Facebook Group, and saw her products, I had to reach out to find out more about her, and them. You see, when my brother was born, he was born with a hearing defect. I witnessed how he had to learn to wear hearing aids even before he could walk. I witnessed people staring at him. I witnessed children making fun of him and pointing at his ears. Yes, he had to wear two. When I saw the Purple Cat Hearing Charms, my heart leaped and my eyes teared with joy.

This week I called Suzannah to find out more about her and her daughter.

Suzannah’s daughter was born with a hearing deficiency. As an infant she failed various infant screening test. When she was three, the audiologist recommended she be fitted with two hearing aid, just like my brother. Sadly, because of the fear of how her daughter would be judged by the society we live in, she feared how her daughter would be treated. First, she thought about getting her ears pierced. This was a natural solution because her daughter loved to play with Suzannah’s pierced earrings. But, then she developed the idea to create hearing aid earring charms for children, and eventually for adults. The birth of Purple Cat Hearing Charms was born. She even designed hearing aid charms for boys.

The price, of the Purple Cat Hearing Charms, is kept low and reasonable because the cost of hearing aids can be as much as $3,000. Many families do not have the funds, and insurance in most cases do not cover hearing aids. Ironically, insurance will cover eye glasses.

Suzannah lives in Colorado with her family and her charms are currently sold on Etsy. Her daughter is now 5 years old and a cross between a ‘girly-girl’ and tom-boy who loves her older brother. When asked about hearing aids, Suzannah explains, “They are glasses for your ears.” Yes, hearing aids helps your ears to hear, just as glasses help your eyes to see.


Are you ready to Bling your hearing aid? Click here and visit Purple Cat Hearing Aid Charms.




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S.A.V.E. 30 Day Challenge

Advice From One Smart Lady

Originally Posted: August 20, 2016

This is a great 30-Day Challenge for the Month of December. Get a jump start on 2018!

Are you ready for a challenge? Challenging yourself is the best way to break old unproductive habits, and create new habits which on a daily basis help you move toward achieving the goals you set down for yourself. Remember incorporate the S.T.E.A.M. method of marketing and you will build a targeted following who will eventually buy your products and services.

Here is a 30-Day Challenge called S.A.V.E.R.S., and it is a lifesaving personal development tool. For 30 days, I challenge you to commit yourself to the following:

  1. Find an accountability partner who you can share your daily activities and achievements.
  2. S- Silence
    • Find a quiet place and set time to be still. I do my morning devotions in my office. I have a bay window where I can gaze out and watch the morning come to life as I write out my morning prayers and thoughts.
  3. A-Affirmations
    • Through my morning devotions, I practice affirming who I am and what I am doing and what the Lord is doing in my life to guide me through each decision that I make. I affirm my faith in the path He has defined for me and affirmed. I am committed to staying on that path.
  4. V-Visualization
    • Through my morning devotions, I practice visualization of how I see activities unfolding. Of course, I am in a state of prayer believing and having faith that my vision is guided by the Holy Spirit.
    • Visualizing our visions help stimulate the growth of our mind. The following article, from the HBCU Careers Forum – Having A Vision The Essence of Life and Success, is more detailed in telling why we should have visions.
    • In today’s world,  we are constantly bombarded by the news daily with so many things that really don’t  stimulate the true growth of the mind but instead deter you from having a solid sense of hope and success.  A vision is essential to having a more positive outcome and is vital to success. Learning new things is great for the brain and will create new pathways of thought and focus. When centered and applied properly,  a vision will allow one to gain new insights and abilities to create not only a new way of life but also a new world around them. A vision is a picture or an idea one may have in the mind for self, business or any other future endeavor.  Clarity of that vision helps one to pursue dreams, achieve goals and produce a more successful and prosperous outcome. A vision that is clear will open the mind to endless possibilities and unlimited points of the future.   Having a vision is one of the most important factors in the path of one’s success in life. You feel much more valuable as a person when you set and achieve visions and goals. When visions and goals are set and defined, the value of the person is increased exponentially.The Bible, in Proverbs 29:18, says,” Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” (Read More)
  5. E – Exercise
    • Need I say more. Everywhere you look, there are articles and videos about the importance of
      My first 5K Walk in 2015.

      My first 5K Walk in 2015.

      exercise. Just walking 30 minutes a day is more beneficial than eating and leading a sedentary life.  I joined a local group (Girl Trek – Delaware Sole Sisters) who are unbelievably dedicated to getting their exercise in. They are 15 to 20 years younger, and I do not participate in all of the events. I am looking for Brazenly Bold Third Agers such as myself to be accountability exercise partners.

  6. R – Reading
    • Set a timer and read 15 – 20 minutes every day. “Leaders are Readers.” You are never too old. If you have limited sight, get the audio version of books and listen to them.
  7. S – Scribing
    • “Just Write” and don’t worry about grammar and structure. Write out what is on your mind. What are you hoping for? What disappoints you? How can you get around stumbling blocks and circumstance which would normally stop you in your tracks. Keep a journal which can be used as content for fiction and non-fiction.
    • I kept a journal after my late husband, Donald, passed away from cancer in 2003, I took my journal note, poems and letters I wrote and published them a book titled,  “Joy Comes Through the Mourning.” Writing is the best medicine anyone could have prescribed anyone going through the grieving process. In 2015, I published a book entitled, “Isaiah’s Gift of Hope” by Crystal Cambisaca. Remember grieving does not only mean death. We grieve when we lose people, places, and things.
    • The important thing to remember is to “Just Write.” Your journey can become your biography or content for fiction, and your notes can capture the detailed activity and help you define the outline for your book.

Committing yourself to a 30-Day Challenge is hard work. I am in the final days of my 90-Day Challenge and I can see the transformation of my attitude and my lack of fear of facing actions that would have been very uncomfortable for me to confront. To succeed you must take measurable action. Start your transformation today.

I look forward to continuing the conversation with you. Send me an email, comment below or follow me on Facebook. I am building a library of my video feed under my personal page: One Smart Lady. Visit me there and click on the LIKE button so you can receive notifications when I post something new.